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About Us

Welcome to the Imperial College Marketing Club!

The Marketing Club is one of the seven student let Business School Career clubs which are supported by the Career & Professional Development Service. Our main objective is to bring together MBA and MSc students who have a passion for marketing and who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences in different marketing practices with each other.

What we do

1. Search for and invite corporate marketing executives and private marketing firm consultants to Business School and organise guest speaker events.

Key Objectives:

  • Get to know guest speakers from different industries and areas.
  • Learn what they do and how they became successful
  • Learn different marketing strategies and best practices
  • Network with potential employers

2. Create a blog and establish the social media presence of the club on popular platforms. Write about different marketing concepts, branding and advertising best practices, share recent articles, news and resources on marketing.

Key Objectives:

  • Create a dialogue with club members, give them the opportunity to share their own insights
  • Promote the club students and professionals who have an interest in marketing, branding and advertising
  • Announce the club’s activities to larger audiences in an effective way

3. Connect with other business schools students and marketing societies

Key Objectives:

  • Exchange study experience and expand network
  • Join their intercollegiate events and activities

4. Search for external marketing social events

Key Objective: Build up marketing career network

Who we are

Marketing Club is lead by a small management committee that consists of MBA and MSc students of Imperial College Business School. The members of the 2011/2012 management committee are:


Angelina Yue-Andrews, MBA President

Angelina is an MBA at Imperial College London with over five years of work experience in marketing management particularly in the hospitality industry.

Before studying at Imperial, Angelina worked as the marketing manager for Marriott International’s flagship property in China, and public relations cluster leader of 15 properties in Shanghai. During this period, she has lead numerous projects with strong focus on branding, advertising, product promotion, public relations and communications. Angelina was also one of the core team members of a start-up media company, where she was highly involved in designing and developing the product in both local and US market. Angelina holds an BEng in Electrical Engineering and Certificate in Public Relations.

“We will help connect Club members with marketing professionals. We encourage every member to attend our guest speaker events and go to recommended external social functions.These are the most efficient way to understand what is needed in the market and prepare to be a highly desirable marketer.”


Renin Canbolat, Vice President

Renin is a MSc Strategic Marketing student at Imperial College Business School. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Bosphorus University.

Prior to studying at Imperial, she has worked at several multinational companies such as Google, Coca-Cola and Merck & Co as a marketing intern. She has founded Young Futurists Society in Turkey during her undergraduate studies and she is passionate about future marketing trends, new technologies, and digital marketing.

As the Vice President of the Marketing Club, her duties include promoting the club with creative and powerful strategies, managing the official blog and working with the committee in various activities for the expansion of the club.

Join Us

Sign up now for Imperial College Marketing Club or join us by following our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. We will keep you informed on our meetings and events!

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